Android App Pick - Stickman Snowboarding

Application: Stickman Snowboarding

Hey, it’s April Fool’s day! How many of you got up early enough or planned the night before to pull some pranks? Some tried to fool me and didn’t succeed!  I knew what day it was today for sure, but forgot to plan something the night before. This week’s app pick suits well as BCCHardware has just came off of a weekend full of gaming fun with their LAN party VulcLAN. Why not carry the gaming on through this week with Stickman Snowboarding? It wasn’t played at the LAN, but it makes the cut this week and it is still winter!

Area Select Downhill


This may not be quite up to SSX snowboarding standards, but you can do some pretty gnarly moves. While you’re boarding away from a yeti that you disturbed from its sleep, you will come across obstacles that appear in your way. The controls are simple as there are only two buttons to worry about; speed up and jump. Speed up while on the snow and be ready to jump in time to get some sweet air and pull off some rad tricks. There are checkpoints along the way so you won’t have to restart from the beginning if you hit a tree or bail on a jump. Get to the finish and you’re golden for the next level!

Jumping Bailed


Totally gnarly man!


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