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Closer Look:

As is the case with most Sennheiser products, the G4ME ONE - and even the package as we saw on the previous page - are built to impress. The quality of this headset is really solid and while the headband is made of plastic, it is nice and wide and looks to be pretty durable. I really like the white ear-cups with red accents combined with the black headband. They top off the styling by using black velour on the pads of the ear-cups and then cover the speakers with red velour for a touch of class. All in all, this is a pretty attractive package.

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The cable on the G4ME ONE is wrapped with a braided sheath and this braid is actually very flexible and adds quality to the product. This is one of several differences between the PC 360 and the G4ME ONE. The previous generation had a standard rubber-wrapped cable and hopefully this new cable will add a bit more durability to the whole package.

The actual connects are gold-plated and while this gold-plating is often over-rated, it's still nice to see that Sennheiser takes every opportunity to deliver the best sound quality they can to your ears.

Volume Control
Volume Control

MIc Side
Mic Side


I really like the volume control on the G4ME ONE headset. It is large knob on the right ear that has a depression for your finger and it allows you to quickly adjust volume on the fly. It is a very smooth operating knob and it works very well. The microphone on this headset looks pretty impressive. As we'll cover on the next page, it has some pretty nice specifications as well. There is no in-line control on this headset so if you want to adjust volume you use the right knob - if you want to mute you microphone, simply tip it up and there is a switch in the pivot that mutes your microphone. It works well and becomes second nature very quickly.

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The cans are nice and spacious for my medium-sized ears. They are nice and light and with the open design they do help keep your head and ears quite cool. The downside to this is that they leak your game audio and in turn allow noise to reach your ears. The benefit to this is a cooler experience, and the ability to hear your team-mates if they are sitting beside you at a LAN. Ever since I tried open-air headphones for gaming, I've been using them almost exclusively and these deliver great sound and allow your ears to breath for long gaming sessions.



Sennheiser is a microphone company and they don't simply throw a microphone onto a pair of headphones and call it a headset. They have put a great microphone on this headset and it works great and sounds even better. Everyone who I've gamed with says the call quality through Mumble, Skype, Teamspeak and Google Talk is crystal clear.

On the next page we'll take a look at the features and specifications from Sennheiser before we jump into testing.