Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset - Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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Final Thoughts:

I was pretty excited to get my hands on another good Sennheiser gaming headset. After reviewing the PC 360 headset as well as a few others for console gaming, I was hoping that this would live up to and exceed what we've come to expect from Sennheiser. It didn't disappoint. The Sennheiser G4ME ONE headset offers exactly what you should expect with a premium headset - comfort, quality, performance and amazing style. This headset takes the PC 360 and grows it up into a very attractive package without compromising on quality.

As I have mentioned throughout the review, I'm a gaming enthusiast - not a professional gamer. I am able to hold my own in Call of Duty, and a few other titles. Part of the gaming experience that I enjoy involves using a microphone for team co-ordination. I don't believe the Sennheiser G4ME ONE improved my gameplay as I moved from an aging PC 360 to this unit, but it offes a little louder and cleaner output as well as a lot better looks.


I'll try to break down my final thoughts about this headset into a few different sections that will help me determine a final score for this product.

Audio Quality - This is one of several areas where the Sennheiser headset shines. The audio quality for music, movies and of course, games is excellent. All of the aspects appear quite balanced and the only time I tweaked anything was just for testing. The stock non-EQ setting of my soundcard offers great performance and clear, crisp balanced audio for all of our entertainment needs.  They are plenty loud and we measure the volume at just over 110dbi.

Functionality - Right out of the box, the Sennheiser G4ME ONE headset fits like a glove and feels like it's been a part of my life for a long time. They fit well and the microphone mute is natural and very handy. If you don't want to talk to someone on Teamspeak or Ventrillo, you usually swing the microphone up and out of the way - this mutes the mic. If you want to control your volume in-game, you don't have to fumble and find the on-cord control. The volume control is on your right ear. Fantastic.

Gaming - Gaming is what Sennheiser has targeted this headset to do and it did not disappoint. I love the open design of the ear cups and look forward to being able to use a pair of these at a LAN without having to remove one side so I can hear my teammate sitting beside me. The stereo separation is great and while they aren't surround sound, they offer extreme comfort and great quality to complete your gaming experience.

Value - The Sennheiser G4ME ONE headset is currently selling for about $240 and at this price, it's steep for a lot of casual gamers. The real dilema is the fact that even though it's quite expensive, this headset is worth the money. The quality and performance of it make it worth much more than a standard headset and the comfort is also worth a bit extra in my opinion. Cheaper headsets will save you money, but won't give you the comfort and the quality that the G4ME ONE offers. Is that worth $249 to you? It depends on your budget, but after considering all of these factors, the price tag seems a bit easier to swallow.

Quality - The overall quality of this headset is fantastic. The microphone boom seems secure and solid and after using an older PC 360 headset for about a year and a half, I know for sure that the microphone mute and pivot is built to last. The rest of the headset build is very solid as well and I can't find anything wrong with the overall design, fit and finish in my opinion.

Mic Focused


At the end of the day the Sennheiser G4ME ONE headset is a great product and if you have the budget to bag one of these for your gaming machine, I don't think you'll be disappointed. The high-quality audio, amazing comfort and intuitive control for volume and microphone mute seem worth the money. This easily wins our Editor's Choice - Gold award. If you're looking for a great headset and don't need 5.1 audio, the G4ME ONE headset is sure to please. All that being said, if you've got a PC 360 headset, the upgrade to the G4ME ONE is very minimal and I would save your money until you are replacing them for another reason (someone sits on them for example). 

No matter how you slice it, this is a great product.


  • Excellent comfort (feels like I'm wearing baby kittens on my ears)
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Great build quality 
  • Intuitive controls



  • Pricey at $249 - but worth it for the quality



I'd like to thank Sennheiser for letting us take a look at their G4ME ONE headset. If you have any questions, comments or general feedback, we'd love to hear it.  Please post it in the forum at the "Comments" link below.