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Feenix Nascita Mouse and Dimora Pad
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Here are the specifications for both the Nascita Mouse and the Dimora Pad. If you want all the details for both of these products make sure to take a look at the manufacturer's site for all the details and updated information.

Nascita Mouse:

  • With a design that exemplifies understated elegance, the Feenix Nascita does nothing but overstate its perfection as a gaming instrument.
  • Feenix designed and engineered the Nascita to provide gamers with nothing short of impeccable quality, feel, and reliability. As a result the Nascita is a technical marvel, and a paradigm of excellence in quality and workmanship.
  • Extensively researched and unique Feenix form factor offers perfect ergonomic feel for the Nascita regardless of whether you are a palm, claw, or semi-claw gamer.
  • Feenix engineering and workmanship makes for excellent reliability, quality, lifespan, and click feel.
  • Feenix's use of the latest chipsets and sensor technologies allow for a 8200 dpi laser engine with perfect accuracy, tracking, and pickups.
  • In mouse LCD technology offers a completely new way of reading information and accurately adjusting DPI on the fly.Perfectly weight distributed high grade Teflon contact points produce excellent glide.
  • State-of-the-art Omron switches allow for faster clicking, more tactile response, and a 10 million click lifetime.Feenix Anti-Sweat and Anti-Slip surface material provides a comfortable grip.
  • Light Omron switches for the side, DPI, and mousewheel buttons allow for fast response and excellent click feel.Impeccable build quality makes the Nascita resistant to extreme water/beverage damage.
  • The 2014 Nascita was designed to be driverless and completely plug and play, allowing professional gamers the streamline approach of being able to make on hardware adjustments without the use of unecessary and bloated softwareBeautiful aesthetics and design, with elegant jewel white lighting that illuminates the front, main logo on palm rest, and LCD panel.
  • Every Nascita comes with a complimentary set of extra teflon feet.
  • Every Feenix Nascita owner receives their own personally assigned support manager.
  • The Feenix braided cord is durable, tangle free, and moldable.
  • A Gold Plated USB connection provides unwavering digital transference.

Mouse on Pad


  • 8200 dpi Avago 9800 laser chipset
  • Avago lens
  • 1 ms response time / 1000Hz Ultrapolling
  • 12000 fps1
  • 50 ips
  • 30g acceleration
  • 114g net weight


Dimora Pad:

Perfection comes to life with The Dimora. Aesthetically elegant and impeccably crafted, The Dimora's design and functionality are nothing short of excellent.

The Dimora was created using the culmination of surface technologies and design practices, making it the perfect base for any Feenix mouse.

  • A beautifully carved Feenix emblem and pristine flat edged borders set a refined tone for The DimoraThe Dimora's micro textured surface makes it feel as if mice are hovering on air.
  • The hard micro textured surface counter-intuitively increases glide by minimizing the overall contact between the mouse and the mousepad, resulting in very low friction. Achieving unrivaled glide was one of the primary passions that fueled the making of The Dimora.
  • The Dimora offers flawless tracking through the use of super reflective surface technologies. The Dimora sends data back to the sensor at speeds and consistencies unheard of with conventional mousepads.
  • The single-body construction helps The Dimora achieve a level of quality and reliability that meets the expectations set by Feenix's values. This single-body structure, along with the use of internal diamond-shaped support patterning, allows The Dimora to remain perfectly flat and resilient in almost any situation.
  • Optimally positioned Silicon feet on the underside of The Dimora make sure the mousepad stays firmly planted even while being used by the most aggressive of gamers.


  • Length: 350 mm / 13.80"
  • Width: 280mm mm / 11.00"
  • Height: 6.0mm /0.24"

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