Feenix Nascita Mouse and Dimora Pad - Installation and Testing

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Feenix Nascita Mouse and Dimora Pad
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Installation and Testing


When it comes to installing products, sometimes the software and driver installation can be confusing to configure and setup. The Nascita doesn't have any tricks up its cords and when you plug it in, it simply works. Complete installation was as complicated as opening a nice box and then plugging the mouse into a spare USB port. Right away the Nascita mouse lights up and ready for a good days "work" of gaming.

I placed the Dimora mousepad on my desk and "installed" the Nascita on top and I was ready to go. The mouse does include some extra feet to use when the feet that come on the mouse wear out on the rough pad surface.

Sometimes software can be overly complicated but having different profiles available is not a bad thing and it will take a bit of time to get used to as my current mouse has several totally different profiles for different games I play.



When it comes to the testing gaming products, that’s where the fun begins! Right off the bat, I’ll let you know that the mouse and mousepad perform well. The Nascita glides smoothly on the Dimora and the button clicks on the mouse feel solid, but not too resistive. With different types of mouse pads – such as soft or hard pads – you can certainly tell the difference in gliding and sensitivity. Because of how smooth the Dimora glides, you may want to change up your DPI sensitivity settings.

Mouse Front Lights


The DPI sensitivity settings on the Nascita can go as low as 800dpi and can go up to 8200dpi. This is a wide range of adjustment that should fit for every gamer and every play style. Half of the “feeling” of the mouse sensitivity depends on the pad and what you’re comfortable using. In terms of sensitivity adjustments, you only have built-in presets that are limited to 800, 1200, 1600, 2400, 3200, 4800, 6400 and 8200. I tend to use somewhere around 1600 for normal web surfing and about 2400-3200 depending on the game I’m playing. Some say that’s a bit too sensitive for their taste, but it works very well for me. I like to be able to whip around to shoot down n00bs before they get me.

I’ve been playing a game that brings FPS games to a whole new level, and of course I’m talking about Titanfall! I’ve been playing this game quite a bit as I “test” the Nascita mouse and the Dimora mouse pad. I’ve also tried mixing things up with different pads as well as different mice on the Dimora pad. I used the Feenix combo at BCCHardware’s LAN party fairly recently and played some old-school CoD4 as well as a few other games including Torchlight, Black Ops and more. With competitive gaming you always want to be on guard and on your toes and don’t want a crappy small pad or a mouse that tracks poorly to be the cause of your death. Having a couple of responsive thumb buttons is very handy as I like to use the side button for a melee key. When I get up close and personal with enemies, it’s nice to quickly knife, kick or break their necks to get them out of the way.


When I did open the box, I immediately noticed it was a large mouse and the mousepad was pretty large as well. I have pretty small hands as a female gamer and the mouse does feel a bit bulky for me. It’s not horrible, but if it was a bit narrower, that would be great. I’ve used a narrow NXZT Avatar mouse in the past and while this may not be the greatest mouse, I do prefer this style rather than the semi-claw style of the Nascita. That being said, once you get used to the larger shape of the mouse, it feels quite comfortable. The mousepad is also rather large, and it’s nice to have a big surface to move your mouse around; especially when you're having a good round. Because this is a hard pad, you’ll want to make sure you have space on your gaming table or desk for it as you can’t do much with your keyboard if it sits on top of your pad.

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I’ve been using a soft pad for a while, but used to use a hard pad back in the day. I never realized how much I missed the hard pad as it offers a quick and smooth glide and allows you a quicker twitch in game.

I purposely didn’t do a bunch of research on the Nascita or the Dimora before I got them so I wouldn’t have any pre-conceived ideas about the products. I thought the mouse would have a few more bells and whistles such as software and macros that I would have to figure out. Thankfully, it’s a very simple and straightforward product that gets you into the game faster without complicated setup. There are enough things to rage at in a game rather than adding crappy software or profile changes to the mix. The Nascita delivers a clean, uncomplicated experience.

Part of a reviewers job is to notice and find faults with products that they test and unfortunately (or fortunately), I really didn’t find any. Other than the personal preference of size (a bit too large for my small hands), the Nascita mouse and Dimora pad didn’t give me any hassle. They both performed great – together or mixed with other products – and does exactly what they are supposed to do. This is a high-end mouse and pad that gamers will enjoy.

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