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As we wrap up our thoughts, we'll break things down by category to give you a better understanding of how we rate and score both of these products.

Quality: Nascita = 9/10, Dimora = 10/10

When scoring any product, you have to be completely fair. As this is a combined review of the Dimora mouse pad and the Nascita mouse, each of the products are scored separately. In terms of quality, I give the Nascita a 9/10 because it is high quality and looks very durable. It feels very solid and it won’t fall apart after a few hours gaming. I even did an unofficial “drop test” as it fell off my table when I was reaching around and was plugging it in and it still works fine. I probably wouldn’t throw it up against a wall when I rage quit, but it should last for years. Did the mouse live up to my expectations? In terms it certainly lives up to my expectations, but when it came to flashy features, I assumed it would have more. That being said, it’s still a good gaming mouse – without all the gimmicks.

The Dimora mouse pad was great and I gave it a 10/10 for many reasons. The quality is great and the mouse glides smooth on the surface. It is sturdy and feels very durable. The rubber feet on the bottom held it firmly in place no matter how franticly I dodged, jumped and fought my way through any battle. I surface is nice and large so that you can move your mouse around without running out of room. As far as a mousepad goes, I’m not sure how much better it could get. I used this pad at VulcLAN and it worked great. My expectations were a bit low as this pad looks, feels and performs great. Even if you're not a gamer, you would be very happy with this pad in an office setting as well.


Performance: Nascita = 10/10, Dimora = 10/10

When it comes to performance, both the Dimora pad and the Nascita mouse score 10/10. Both performed great. I didn’t have any issues with tracking with this pair or any combination of anything else. There was no mouse lag and the buttons are very responsive. DPI adjustment works instantly and I like the fact that you can change the sensitivity on the fly. The mouse wheel is awesome because it doesn’t stick, jam or lag when changing weapons or scrolling pages. The mouse was simple to use and install and I didn’t have to mess around with software. The lights add a nice touch and while more colors or patterns or illumination is cool, having something simple and elegant is nice for a change.

The mouse pad is also a 10/10 and it performs very well. The bottom is slip resistant and the top is slippery. It’s a slick, but rough texture that doesn't give the mouse trouble at all. The good news is that with the hard surface, cleaning up spills is easy and you won’t have to wring out spilled milk or coffee and leave stains that cause weird smells.


Accessories: Nascita = 10/10, Dimora = n/a

There were no accessories with the Dimora pad and the Nascita mouse package was fairly simple. The Nascita came with some extra mouse feet in case your wear out the originals after prolonged use.


Value: Nascita = 10/10, Dimora = 10/10

After reading the review it now comes down to you and your wallet. No matter how good a product is, if you don’t have the green in your wallet or your pants, you may have to pass. The mouse has a suggested retail price of $97 with the pad coming in at $36. I guessed the Nascita was about $100 and it surely feels like a great mouse. I thought the pad would be a bit more expensive, but at these prices, they are affordable. With these prices in mind, I think they are priced fairly, and you certainly do get a high-quality product for the price. Feenix even claims that they try out each and every product to make sure they are in good working condition before they send them out.

If you can’t find these in a retail store, you’ll be happy to know that shipping directly from Feenix is free by way of UPS ground to everyone in the USA.

Although this is not priced at budget levels, you certainly aren’t getting budget hardware and the Nascita and Dimora perform as good as they look - and they look fantastic.


I'd like to thank Feenix for sending out the Nascita and Dimora for a review. I am happy to say that I'd choose these over my previous gear in a heartbeat. Here's hoping BCCHardware can spring for me keep these.