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Feenix Nascita Mouse and Dimora Pad
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Products: Feenix Nascita Mouse & Dimora Mousepad
Provided By: Feenix
Price: $97 & $36 MSRP at time of publication


I have been given the privilege to do a review for BCCHardware of a couple products from a new company that the crew met at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year. Most years we touch base with a number of our favorite companies to see what they have coming, such as Samsung, Thermaltake, MSI, Cooler Master and others. Sometimes we meet a few new companies. Feenix was a new company to us that we decided to touch base with and cover at the show.


About Feenix:

Feenix is a fairly new company, and focuses on a few really good products instead of having a huge selection of average products. They are an American computer hardware company with offices in southern California. Feenix has a crew of people that specialize in making peripherals for gamers. Feenix designs and creates consumer electronics and entertainment for PC gamers.

As a small independently owned company based in Southern California, Feenix enjoys absolute creative freedom to design, engineer, assemble and test what professional gamers consider to be the finest gaming peripherals in the world. While a meticulous assembly process limits the production volume to less than 1000 products a month, owners of Feenix peripherals can be ensured a gaming instrument of utmost excellence. By focusing a unified passion for gaming solely into the making of peripherals, Feenix is able to maintain high-quality standards, and avoid traditional corporate inattention. With build quality as a top priority, a Feenix peripheral is unparalleled in reliability due to impeccable crafting and hand finished quality checks.


This review will be of two products - the Nascita mouse and the Dimora mousepad. Think of this review as a "two for one Tuesday".

The Nascita mouse is black and grey laser mouse with the Feenix logo on it that lights up with a nice soft white color. The mousepad is a fairly large black surface with shiny black edging for style. The Feenix logo is nice and small and located in the top right corner. This is a hard-surfaced pad that is a bit rough and allows the mouse to glide on Teflon feet very easily. There are rubber feet underneath the pad to keep it in place on your desk. This is a rather nice looking mouse and pad!

Mouse On Pad

Not only does the mouse light up all pretty, it has a little display by the left mouse button that allows you to see the currently selected DPI. The wheel is nice and is smooth to operate as it has a “grippy” finish on the middle. I’ve used other mice with stiff wheels that were smooth finished and that made it harder to switch weapons quick in-game. The Nascita didn’t come with a ton of buttons other than the left and right mouse buttons. There are two buttons on the top to change the DPI settings and two thumb buttons on the left side that you can assign to other features in-game. The front of the mouse has lights that just add a touch of class, although they don’t change color. The USB connector is gold plated and the cable is braided for durability as well as a nice finish.


Pad In Box Pad Top
Mouse Box Mouse In Box


As I mentioned before, Feenix only makes one of each mouse, pad, keyboard and headset. They concentrate on making high-quality products that appeal to our readers and hardcore gamers everywhere. It will be interesting to see if they can deliver on their intended purpose.

On the next page we'll take a look at the mouse in more detail and then we'll cover the specifications.