Android App Pick - UNO & Friends


Application: UNO & Friends

Good day Android App readers! Tonight is a rather special night for North and South America as we are seeing a “blood moon” lunar eclipse tonight. While you're waiting for all that to happen, why not play a couple rounds of a popular family friendly game of Uno & Friends! A simple classic game of Uno can be played online wherever you are! As long as you have enough tokens to play, you’re golden!



As a child you may have played some Uno with friends and family around the table. With all this technology around us, we can virtually play and don’t have to be in the same room all the time! You can also add real friends from either Facebook or Google+ and play a few rounds. You need to use two in-game tokens to play either with friends, a tournament or to play random opponents. Just as with regular UNO, match the colors or numbers and play your skip, reverse and all other cards you’re used to before they call UNO! The game gives you tokens for leveling up, winning in tournaments, and every 45 minutes you can scratch a card and get more. Your friends can also send coins that allow you to get power-ups to help you win.


This game will keep you busier than a cat covering up crap on a marble floor!


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