ViewSonic VX2452mh 24-in. Gaming Monitor - Testing Continued

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ViewSonic VX2452mh 24-in. Gaming Monitor
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Performance - Text::

The majority of my use and is text and internet browsing and I used the VX2452mh in this regard as a primary display on a gaming PC for several weeks and was pleased with the overall text quality.  The resolution on this 24-inch unit is 1920x1080, which is pretty standard in this space. The text is large enough on this display, and it fits nice in any desktop environment.


Performance - Video/Photo:

I didn't have much time to watch movies, but I did make sure to watch some HD movies on the ViewSonic display. The upside to having a full 1080p display and not something higher is that movies look very good on the display and they don’t have to upscale. When calibrated correctly, the movies were sharp and looked natural - not like some super vivid TVs that make everything look ultra-realistic to the point of fake.  Blu-Ray movies looked great as did every other type of video content. If it looked bad, I could only blame it on the quality of the source - the display performed flawlessly.  When it comes to working with photos, once the display is calibrated properly, it is decent but you do notice color and luminance uniformity issues. It's decent, but it isn’t a professional display – nor does it cost $500.


Performance - Gaming:

I'm spoiled when it comes to gaming on LCD displays. I currently use a 30" Samsung 305T or an ASUS 120Hz 3D Monitor and am used to having things run like butter. Thankfully the ViewSonic VX2452mh can deliver a very good gaming experience. The 2ms GtG rating is plenty fast and I never noticed any "ghosting" on this unit as I do on my 305T. The ClearMotivII works well and delivers a blur-free gaming experience.

With the screen was completely calibrated for color and brightness, gaming was pretty enjoyable. The calibrated display worked very well and screen made every game look good. As I previously mentioned, when playing some Far Cry 2, there were dark areas that we harder to see because of the uneven lighting, but if I hit “Game Mode” it did brighten everything up – but still the dark areas weren’t as bright as the other areas of the display. Both Xbox and PC gaming was an absolute pleasure on this display.



The ViewSonic VX2452mh is a decent monitor that comes in at a great price point. You can currently find it online for around $150. At that price, it's a very attractive display. When you combine the fact that it supports HDMI, DVI and VGA, it becomes a bit more attractive. It also has a pair of small speakers so that it can double as your console screen – all the while staying connected to your PC.

The build quality of the bezel and overall appearance is decent but not groundbreaking. The stand allows for pivoting forward or backward, but the display has no “portrait” mode and is not height adjustable. While portrait mode is not a big deal on a gaming LCD, the lack of height adjustment is a bit of a let-down. I use a desk that has an elevated area for my monitor and as such, I often have to lower the display in order to keep my eyes even with the screen. Thankfully the VX2452mh is about the right height for my desk setup and it works out. It sits behind my laptop and the display clears my laptop screen so I can use dual-screens for a bulk of my work here at BCCHardware – all the while it says connected to my Xbox as well as my other test/gaming system.

This is a “gaming” and an “entertainment” LCD. It does work well for watching videos and for gaming. Even though it isn't 120Hz or better, it has very fluid movement and doesn't ghost or lag at all. I was very impressed with it for gaming - both on the PC as well as on the Xbox 360. Video and motion work very well as your eyes are constantly moving over the screen.



  • Attractive design
  • Three Inputs
  • No "ghosting" in video games or movies



  • No height adjustment
  • Color and Luminance uniformity are weak
  • 23% Variation in brightness uniformity




I'd like to thank ViewSonic for sending us this display for the review. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the forum at the link below.