ViewSonic VX2452mh 24-in. Gaming Monitor

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ViewSonic VX2452mh 24-in. Gaming Monitor
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Today we are taking a look at a ViewSonic LCD that is geared for gamers. While we haven’t reviewed a lot of ViewSonic products in the past, I’m happy to say that their face could become more regular here around BCCHardware as they are pushing hard to get their name out there in the mainstream consumer space. The unit we have on the bench today is the VX2452mh and is a 24-inch Full-HD LED-Backlit display that doesn’t include a ton of bells and whistles in terms of pivoting, height-adjustment and things like that. Instead they offer a decent panel that has a nice fine pixel count and has multiple inputs as well as speakers for your console gaming needs.

This LCD has DVI, VGA and an HDMI connection that allows you to hook up multiple products at once – and gives you some connectivity flexibility. During our review, we plugged in an Xbox 360 as well as laptop via the VGA connection and finally a desktop via the DVI connection and had a nice three-way “V” (think KVM without the keyboard and mouse). With a 2ms response time from grey-to-grey it claims a lot of promise. We’ll see how that shapes up as we continue.


ViewSonic does a few things other than computer LCDs, but their primary business is displays – either through LCDs, digital signage or projectors. The unit we are looking at today sits in the middle of their gaming lineup and there are a couple cheaper options and a few more expensive options to choose from. While this isn’t claiming to be “professional grade” for photo editing as it doesn’t have a ridiculous color gamut, it also isn’t ridiculously expensive either. It shows promise for the price.


First Impressions:

I was pleased to see that ViewSonic included both a DVI and a VGA cable in addition to the standard 1/8-inch audio cable in the box. They didn’t include an HDMI cable, but if you’ve got an Xbox already – you’ve probably already got an extra one laying around. If they did include one however, this would be a pretty all-inclusive bundle, but as it stands, if you are going to be using this in a dorm room or your office for all your display needs, you may need to go get an additional cable for the monitor.


As you can see in the images below, there are no surprises with the build of this LCD and it has a nice clean finish and a fairly thick bezel. If you are trying to use this display for an Eyefinity setup, the thick bezel may be a turn off. For all other purposes, this works fine and the clear accents below the screen give it some class – without looking too tacky.

Front LCD Rear LCD


The back of the unit is equally clean and tidy. You will notice that there are whole in the unit for VESA mounting it to a stand. This is pretty standard.

On next page we’ll take a close look and they cover some of the features and specifications.