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Application: Smoothie Recipe

Howdy Android App readers and followers! We haven't had too many sunny days lately. This is our Canadian spring - with a side order of snow every week it seems. Why should that keep you from doing things? Everything has a time and a season, but when it comes to smoothies, I think you can have one of those anytime of the year! As we gear up for spring and summer days ahead, we can certainly look into the Smoothie Recipe app and gather our ingredients to make the smoothie of your dreams. If you’re generous, you could even share one with your friends (I guess).

List of Smoothies Nutrition


There are 25 different smoothies to choose from the list. They’re easy, fun and I’m sure most of them taste good (there are no taco smoothies). Each recipe tells you what you need, how much to put in and even tells you calorie information if you’re trying to balance your diet. Yes, it will blend. Set your blender on “Smoothie” (or just turn it on) and watch it blend to the desired smoothness that you want. 

Recipie Recipie


Apple cinnamon smoothie? Oh yeah, let's taste this!


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