OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA 3 2.5-inch SSD

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OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA 3 2.5-inch SSD
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Product: OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA 3 2.5-inch SSD
Provided By: OCZ Storage Solutions
Price: $159.99 Online at time of publication



In late January of 2014, Toshiba announced the purchase of OCZ thus allowing OCZ to house Toshiba's NAND flash memory and in return Toshiba gained the OCZ brand and their IP – namely Indilinx. They now can combine their priority controllers, firmware and software all to make better solid state drives.

OCZ Vertex 460

Today we have on our review bench, the Vertex 460 240GB solid state drive by OCZ Storage Solutions. The Vertex 460 also comes in the smaller 120GB format, or the larger 480GB version. The price on the drive that we have here today is very competitive, and with what OCZ is saying about the drives performance, I expect great things for ~$159.99.


First Look:

These drives don't really come with a lot other than the drive itself, but OCZ did throw in a 3.5" bay bracket so it will fit into the standard 3.5" HDD bay in most computer cases. Since the Vertex is 7mm thin it will fit in most laptops and ultrabooks that still use 2.5" drives.



OCZ did sweeten the deal a bit though, they have added a CD key for Acronis True Image HD Software! So if you have to clone a drive to migrate your system onto your sleek new SSD, you can! This is a full version of the software that also manages backups, partition management and more. It’s a nice bonus for sure.


I think that as far as looks, OCZ has hit the thumb with a hammer, er, nail on the head with this one. It looks great with the different shades of black and then the silver writing with some blue touches on the ends, combined with the grey body all add up to make a nice looking drive. The top is built of some sort of aluminum alloy and with a steel plate on the bottom, the drive should remain rigid.

Drive Top

It looks good and fits into most any system and is the standard size of most SSDs these days. So far I would say that the Vertex 460 fits the bill for looks and build quality, but the true test is still to come.

Before getting too gung-ho about diving into benchmarks, we shall endeavor to peek into the inner workings of this drive a little further.