OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA 3 2.5-inch SSD - Benchmarks, Begin!

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OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA 3 2.5-inch SSD
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Performance - AS SSD:

To set off on this benchmarking adventure, first we shall use AS SSD. This is one of our newer suites and we will be using it to test the raw input/output operations per second (IOPS). This is to see if the claim of 85000 is attainable. We will also see how this drive stacks up against recent drives we have tested.




When it comes to the 64-queue depth test, this drive does not perform as good as is advertised but it still is not too far under the bar. Below is a comparison of the read and write speeds of the OCZ Vector, the Vector 150 and the Crucial M500 960GB that we are going to be continuing to compare through the performance tests.

I would say that the reading and writing performance from this test show the drive to be decent and puts it in relatively good standing among the other drives. The Vertex 460 seems to balance out when it is fast at writing and when at reading. In the rankings this drive stays in the second position and third places mostly, plummeting to fourth only once and never to last and making the climb to first twice.


Performance - ATTO:

Keep in mind that ATTO is not a good real-world indicator of performance, although it does show the speed at which the drive can read and write data using different sized files. We have also taken the results from the Crucial M500 and the two OCZ Vector and Vector 150 drives for some comparison.

ATTO - Read


ATTO - Write

In the read test the 460 is lower until the 4K mark and then seems to stay close to the top till 32K where it drops to the bottom then goes back up to the top three again and stays there. On the writing speed it moves into 3rd place on 1MB and then stays a steady 2nd at 32K and then stays only second to the Vector 256 GB!

On the next page we will show some more benchmarks on our list.