OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA 3 2.5-inch SSD - Benchmarks Continued

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OCZ Vertex 460 240GB SATA 3 2.5-inch SSD
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Performance - AIDA64:

The next benchmarks we are looking at today is some from AIDA64. We will have a quick jog through the basic read suite and again compare the results of the drives chosen. Do please keep in mind that this is merely for reference, since these drives have different controllers, NAND, capacities and more. 

AIDA64 - Read

At the start of the linear read benchmark, the Vertex places 3rd but moves up to 2nd at the end of the drive. In the random test we come in at last with 363.5 MB/s. As for the buffered we come in at second with 508.9MB/s!


Performance - Crystal DiskMark 3.0:

For the last of our benchmarks today we will be using Crystal DiskMark 3.0. This test will be used to see if the manufacturers rated speeds are true or false. Sequential tests are used in CDM as well as 4KB and 512KB random tests to see how the drive will do when reading and writing the various sizes. This test will follow the same protocol as the others with the same drives. 

Crystal DiskMark - Read


Crystal DiskMark - Write


Unfortunately this drive falls short on both the read test and the write test in our test system. On the bright side it never goes lower than third place behind only the Crucial M500 and OCZ Vector 256GB. For all of the writing tests except the 4K QD32 the 460 is higher than all of the other drives except for the OCZ Vector!

On the last page we will wrap up the review and give some final thoughts.