Genius Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset

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Genius Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset
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Product: Genius Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset
Provided By: Genius
Price: ~$49.99 Online at time of publication


Today we are looking at some mobile gaming earbud headphones by Genius called the Zabius M. These are in-ears that promise to take your gaming on the road without a bunch of extra space. I know that traveling to LAN parties can be a pain with lots of large gear and that’s where something like these come in handy. 

Genius makes a vast array of electronics, from gaming to average consumer electronics, they have it all. By “all”, I mean that they have a ton of peripheral products that range from speakers to headsets and keyboards, mice, webcams, remote controls, a tablet and lots more!

These earbuds are very nicely designed. The color scheme features lots of black and red with a touch of silver accents. The great color scheme, along with the great angled look to the main body parts makes the unit look quite fetching. A nice little detail that you may not notice at first is that the cables are red on one side and black on the other. Don’t let the awesome looks scare you of – the price on these isn’t too bad either – only $49.99 from Amazon.

Box Front

Box Front

Box Back

Box Back


Genius seems to be trying to provide quality gaming gear for a reasonable price, and they appear to be doing just that with the Zabius M headset. The box looks great and the earbuds look promising. If they provide good quality sound is a small portable package that would be the perfect complement to a gaming laptop, they are winners. 

Benjamin “Zeus” Heide is a total earbud junkie, so I was impressed that he let me test these. Hopefully it’s not because they suck. Let’s see whether they pass or fail the test.


Closer Look:

When I first opened the package in the mail containing the Zabius M, I couldn’t help but feel excited by the packaging; the very nice graphics on a matte background is a swell touch and makes a person feel like they bought the right product. Flipping the package over to the back, I found the specifications and a matte view of the Zabius M with some image bubble in high gloss to showcase some of the features. I also noticed yet another instance of the company and product name. They seem to be pretty proud of this product. 

Package Opened


On the right side of the box I spotted yet another GX gaming logo and on the left side, there was a similar situation. There are lots of high-gloss graphics with their logos. I think they are more than a little happy with their brand. Upon opening the box I discovered a small owner’s guide and three different sizes of ear bits so you can find a good fit as well as an audio/microphone Y-Adapter cable so you can use the Zabius M with standard microphone & headphone jacks on a PC.

Carrying Case


The carrying case is a nice and compact and is made of a material that looks to handle daily use. It has a clip for attaching to a backpack or other clothing for easy transport and convenience. Moving to the product itself, I see the nicely designed earbuds made of black plastic adorned with silver colored accents. The earbuds also have nice sharp edges, which give them an aggressive and edgy appearance. 

Zabius M

Following the cable from the earbuds, I noticed that the cable was nice and flat, had a different color on each side and will not tangle as easily as standard round cables. In the cable is a microphone module that looks pretty classy and has an answer button for phone calls. At the very bottom is the 4-pin gold-plated audio connector.

As previously mentioned, included in the package is the audio adaptor cable to split up the audio into separate audio and microphone jacks so that this can be used with older soundcards and legacy devices.