Genius Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Genius Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset
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Testing and Final Thoughts


Now to my favorite part: testing! This is where we see if good looks is all there is to the Zabius or if the whole thing performs well.

I used these earbuds for some gaming and movie watching, but mostly for music. Overall I am quite happy with the performance of these edgy little in-ear phones as the sound is clear and crisp. Audio is a very subjective and personal thing and I would have liked a bit more bass for some things but there is something to be said for clean and balanced sound.

The sound seemed quite precise and clean and when playing combat simulations you can hear the shell casings hitting the ground and detect the direction of incoming fire as good as you can with any stereo earbuds.

One thing that concerned me out of the box was the quality of plastic of the main body of the ear pieces. It is light and looks a little cheap, but so far it seems to hold up well. The overall build quality of this product is decent. It’s not going to make you say “wow”, but it should stand up pretty well for normal use.

The Zabius M also performed quite well on my Nexus 5. The sound quality is great through the earbuds, although the microphone isn’t as clear as I would like and it is a bit “muddy”.


I also have to say that these are comfortable and lightweight. While comfort is also a personal thing, I think the overall design should work for most people and offer them many hours of constant wearing without discomfort.

The cable is a very nice length and works well for desktop PC’s and Laptops alike. The cable looks and feels high-quality and the audio connectors are well seated on the cable and shouldn’t flex and damage you internal wires. I feel that the ear pieces could have been attached more securely - especially if you are like me and end up hooking your cable to things and tearing headphones from your ears. That being said, where the two earpieces split from the main cable is very well attached as well and shouldn’t be a concern.

Something I think would have added a lot of value that Genius did not include is a proper volume control. I know that Apple uses a different volume button circuit than Android devices so I guess I’ll have to cut them a break. I find nothing more irritating that picking up an in-ear headset only to find that I need an iPhone in order to adjust volume.

The last part I will mention is the case. I know that it is not too significant, but it is a nice feature and is well built. It also has a clip on it so you can attach it to a belt or a backpack.


Final Thoughts:

The Zabius M headset has a few issues, such as the in-line mic and some quality concerns with the build quality of the earbuds themselves. There is also the irritation of no volume control, but we have to take a step back and remember the price of $49.99. This is makes the Zabius M pretty affordable and when you consider the clean and clear audio, this is not a bad price.

I can happily give the Zabius M headset a 7/10 as there are a few issues that cause them to slip out of the “Silver” award, but they are still pretty solid at the end of the day.


  • Price
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Decent Length Cable
  • Cable Quality
  • Clear Sound


  • In-line Mic Quality
  • Plastic Is a Bit Cheap
  • Connections could be Secured Better
  • No Volume Control