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Final Thoughts:

When it comes to products being stable and durable, the RGB80 certainly gets a “thumbs up”. Just make sure that when you’re changing keys, you snap them into place really well or else you might find your key falling off. The W key was having a hard time staying in place as it did wobble off when I was playing after from changing the regular keys to the clear replacements. Don’t be afraid to snap it securely in place and you’ll be good to go. This keyboard feels like it could withstand a drop from a tall building and it is heavy enough to be used for self-defense. The texture and feel of it give you confidence that it won’t fall apart in a couple weeks. The braided cord is great and sturdy and doesn't give any connectivity problems. The bottom of the keyboard has some nice little grooves in it for the cable tor run and this is a nice touch. Even if you didn’t place the cord in the grooves, Rosewill made the RGB80 Mechanical Keyboard slip resistant! The quality of this product certainly surprised and amazed me!

When it comes to performance, you can’t really go wrong here. I haven’t played around with other mechanical keyboards, but overall, it is a very positive experience. The Anti-Ghosting won’t bugger up your gaming experience and the keyboard works very well with the LEDs turned off (hopefully addressed in a software update). This issue does need to be fixed and hopefully will be soon.

You don’t normally get a ton of accessories with a keyboard, but the RGB80 delivers a few little nuggets. Without little bits of cool stuff, a product can be just a little too plain. Think of it like fries without ketchup, or a burger without bacon. It can get you by, but the accessories make all the difference. When I opened the RGB80, I was greeted with a removable cable, extra keys and a key-puller. There is also a manual to walk you through basic setup.

Feet - Retracted

Feet - Retracted

Feet - Deployed

Feet - Deployed


Installation is easy and macro recording is simple. The most difficult part of installation is finding the right keyboard model on the Rosewill site to grab the right driver. Again, this could be solved with an included software CD. If plug-and-play is too complicated, there is a manual as I stated before, but I’m sure it will be easy enough you won’t have to RT(Frigging)M. 

At ~$100, this keyboard is pretty solid it terms of value. It compares with a lot of portable non-mechanical keyboards and in this regard Rosewill is reaching their goal of putting great hardware into the hands of consumers for a good price.


  • Good value
  • LED customization looks great
  • Easy to set up macros
  • Smart layout for “FN” keys
  • Small and portable for LAN gaming


  • Keyboard pauses randomly when LED backlight is enabled


All in all the RGB80 Mechanical Keyboard is unique and it works well. From the LED colors to the feel of the keys and the ease of setting up macros, this keyboard is a winner. If every mechanical keyboard is this nice, I think I’ve switched. I like tweaking this to my personal taste and this keyboard lets you do just that! It’s great!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the RGB80, please feel free to post at the link below.