iCute 0301SL-BB Mid Tower Case

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iCute 0301SL-BB Mid Tower Case
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Product: CasePower's iCute 0301SL-BB Case
Provided By: DND Computers
Price: ~ $100CDN (unit has 400W PSU & USB2.0 Card Reader Options)


A couple of months ago I started putting together a test rig
thanks to the generosity of many sponsors.  I had acquired all of the hardware - motherboard, CPU, PSU, Hard Drives, RAM, Optical Drive, Graphics then realized that I was missing one component - a case.  Several companies had promised products, but they never arrived so I assembled the test setup into my original case, the ZeusBox.  At first this seemed like a good choice, the case was well used and should work, right?  It worked great until I tried to add a third hard drive and found that there was no space, unless I put the drive into a 5.25" to 3.5" adapter.  The quest was on, and me with no money.

I dropped into
DND Computers to see what he had available and he offered me CasePower's iCute 0301SL-BB with 400W PSU & USB2.0 Card Reader.  The PowerSupply wasn't needed, so he kept that, but the Card Reader was a nice bonus.  It is with great eagerness, that I present to you the iCute 0301SL-BB. . . Isn't that er, cute. . .

Case Side

Case Front & Back

Case Top w/Window & Fan

Specs & Info:

As you can see by the clicking the thumbnailed pics above, the 0301SL-BB features a steel chassis as well as steel side panels.  This makes the case weigh in with a bit of bulk when empty, but not too bad.  There are fan holes up the wazoo.  2 - 80mm mounts on the back, 1 - 80mm mount on the side, and 1 - 80mm fan mount on the top of the case.  That's four and we haven't even got to the front yet!  On the front, there are 2 - 80mm Blue LED fans installed, and believe it or not, there is actually room for 4, count 'em four, fans on the front of the case.  To find out where these go, check out the pics below.  Although there is place for two fans on the back of this case, it only shipped with one installed.  This makes a total of 5 fans included with this case.

Closer Look - Outside:

Front Fans & Card Reader

Front Fans & Fan Grills

One nice feature of cases these days is front USB access.  This allows easy hook up of additional peripherals such as joysticks, printers, and flash drives.  The 0301SL-BB has a pair of USB jacks on the front left side of the case.  This little door also conceals where firewire and audio jacks could be on a different model.

The card reader is also a nice touch and performs very well as it is fully USB2.0.  We won't go into detail or benchmark the reader as this review is more about the case.

Side USB Ports

Cables & Such

Now that we've seen what this case looks like on the outside, head on over to the next page and find out what's inside.