Silicon Power 32GB Mobile OTG X20 USB2.0 Flash Drive

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Silicon Power 32GB Mobile OTG X20 USB2.0 Flash Drive
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Product: Silicon Power 32GB Mobile OTG X20 USB2.0 Flash Drive
Provided By: Silicon Power
Price: ~$20 Online at time of publication


We all pack around a ton of documents, media and files that we store on different devices. We tend to want to take this data with us and often our mobile devices run out of storage. Storage has come a long way and while the capacity has increased, thankfully the size of the storage device has gotten smaller. Thankfully in order to pack a few movies with you, you no longer need to bring the entire PC or a bulky external hard drive. Back even farther than that, we were cursed with the bulky, low capacity floppy disk. I remember using these back in elementary school to save and transfer files from one computer to another.

Flash memory located on a USB drive – as well as cloud storage has taken storage to the next level and make it a lot easier to travel with your data.

All this talk about storage helps kick off our review today. We recently received a 32GB USB 2.0 drive from Silicon Power. I was asked if I wanted to review it, and I quickly agreed as I wanted to add another nifty drive to my flash drive collection!

X20 Package

About Silicon Power:

Silicon Power is a Taiwanese company that is all about storage. From flash drives to hard drives, SD cards and SSDs, they make it and make it affordable. They were founded in 2003 by a few professionals that specialized in storage and wanted to make great products for great prices. Silicon Power have many offices around the world to further their business as well as meeting their goals for the company.

Silicon Power states that they are more than just data storage. They have a passion to design products for the customer and make them feel that their data matters. They want the customer to feel comfortable. Silicon Power also wants to stand out and be unique whether by functionality, color, and esthetics as well as other ways so that they can capture consumer’s attention. Their motto, “Memory is Personal” shows that they want to put people first. Find out more about the company here, and here.


Features and Specifications:

There’s not a lot to a flash drive and we’ll keep this section short. The 32GB OTG Mobile USB 2.0 Flash Drive is just a small, silver drive that has a metal housing that simply stores your files. It doesn't have a cap to put over the main end, but it does have a plastic flips-up cap on the MicroUSB end to protect it. You can plug this end into your phone, tablet or even a smart watch that has a MicroUSB port. Silicon Power claims that it is waterproof and it should survive a washing thanks to the sealed memory chips on the PCB.

Check out the specs below to find out more details. We’ve pulled these from the product page over at Silicon Power and have posted them here for your convenience. If you want the latest information and all the details, please check out their site.

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  • Support Smart Handheld Devices (microUSB) and PC (USB) data transmission
  • Plug and play;no cables required
  • Specialized anti-lost cap design
  • Stylish and sturdy metal exterior
  • COB (Chip-on-board) technology
  • Water and vibration proof
  • Tiny and lightweight, easy to carry and store




  • Size:26.6 x 12.4 x 4.6 mm
  • Weight:2.8 g
  • Capacity:8GB、16GB、32GB
  • Color:Black
  • Material:Metal / Plastic / Rubber
  • Interface:USB 2.0 / USB 1.1 Compatible / micro-USB (Charging is not supported)
  • Supported OS Operation Systems:
    PC- Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, Mac OS 10.3.x, Linux 2.6.x
    Mobile device- Android 4.1.X* / windows phone 8*
    (*For mobile devices that support OTG functions)
  • Certification:CE/FCC/BSMI/Green dot/WEEE/RoHS/KCC
  • Warranty:Lifetime warranty


On the next page we'll cover performance and wrap things up with our final thoughts.