Silicon Power Armor A30 2TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive - Performance Testing

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Silicon Power Armor A30 2TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive
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Silicon Power A30 2TB Testing:

When we test an external hard drive, there really isn't a ton of things we are interested in when it comes right down to it. We basically want to know how fast it can transfer files back and forth. This is essentially what it is designed to do and so we find out in the real world how good it can do this job. We do use a few benchmark programs to find out what it is capable of. It’s been over a year since we actually reviewed an external USB 3.0 Hard Drive and while we have a ton of current data to compare with SSDs, this mechanical drive is in a different class as it is designed to carry a lot of files for not a lot of money.

As such we don't have comparison charts this time around, but we do have some benchmark numbers to share with you and will wrap it up a video of us testing the "Armor" of this drive.

AS SSD Performance:

While the name suggests that this benchmark is designed for SSDs, it can be used equally well on mechanical drives. This drive shows how well a 5400rpm drive can perform when you have high-density platters. As this is a 2TB drive, the dense platters give you great performance at slower rotation speeds.

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The limitation of course is on access times and smaller file transfers. This is where flash storage excels.

ATTO Performance:

ATTO tests transfer speeds on both the read and write side of things and compares the performance of different file sizes. As you can see below, files 2KB and smaller are pretty slow and it speeds up quickly until we hit the wall around 32KB where the drive speed basically tops out. Either way, it’s not a slouch for a mechanical drive – let alone an external drive thanks to the wonders of USB 3.0.

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CrystalDiskMark Performance:

This benchmark confirms what we’ve seen in the other tests. The drive does a very good job with sequential reads and writes and even does pretty well with 512KB files, but once we get down to tiny files, performance is pretty sluggish. Keep in mind that most external drives will likely be used for movies, music and backups and the performance will be nice and speedy.


AIDA64 Diskbench:

In this last benchmark we performed a linear read from start to finish on the entire drive before we did any torture testing. As you can see the drive performance stays right near the top all the way until about the 94% mark where it drops off for a bit and then hops back up to taper off as it nears the middle of the spinning platter. Even with the drop-off that we saw every time we ran this benchmark, the average read speed over the entire drive is just under 125MB/s - and that is fantastic for an external mechanical drive.

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On the last page we'll talk about the "Armor" and wrap up with our final thoughts.