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Application: Compass 360 Pro

Take me down to Google Play where the grass is green and the Apps are pretty. Oh would you please check them out. Yeah yeah! ♫  Guns ‘n Roses said something like that a while back and while we don’t have a music App today, we do have an App that will help you stay on track as you’re heading to Paradise City. A compass is a great thing for any season and especially if you’re finding your way down a trail or down the road. I had to quickly download a compass this past weekend to figure out some directions as we went on a hike trip. Without too much searching I quickly downloaded Compass 360 Pro. It was quick and helpful and we didn’t waste any time as we figured out where to go and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors of the Canadian Rockies!

Compass Compass


There’s not much setup for this compass. I used default settings for most things but did change the style of the compass. Like any magnetic compass, it stays pointing at magnetic north and has a marker to align with “true north”. You’ll find that it works best when you lay your phone flat like a physical compass as the sensor in your device is configured for that orientation. It has a spirit level in the corner so you can make sure your phone is flat for a more accurate reading.



The needle will keep pointing north and works best if you keep your phone flat. The top right corner shows your latitude and longitude coordinates as well. No, the compass isn’t like Jack Sparrows and won’t point to what your heart desires. You’ll have to find the treasure yourself!

Happy trails - and don't get lost!


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