Luxa2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box

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Luxa2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box
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Product: Luxa2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box
Provided By: Luxa2
Price: $14.99 Online at time of publication



Today we are looking at a nifty product from Luxa2 that makes Chris Angel look like a total rookie. We have the Luxa2 Magic Boom Box on the bench and for less money than a burger combo at 5 Guys, you can get a nifty piece of hardware that makes your phone's built-in speakers sound a little less crappy. The Magic Boom Box doesn't require any wires to plug into your phone, nor does it require Bluetooth, WiFi or Infrared connection - simply place your phone on the box and it will magically boost the volume level of your device. Can it really be that good and that easy? We'll find out as we continue below.

Luxa2 is a division of Thermaltake that focuses on mobile technology and they provide interesting solutions to common problems. They have a whole line of audio products as well as holders, power banks and more. The GroovyT is at the bottom end of the price point when it comes to speakers, and while the price tag is small, the feature list of this little box is pretty impressive.

It will work with pretty much any phone that has a built-in speaker and it packs an 800mAh battery that will get you about 5.5 hours of play time. In reality, I think it does a little better than this as I've had it for a couple of weeks and have only charged it once. I don't use it all day or every day, but it is great for catching up on some podcasts and for listening to Google Play Music when I have some downtime. It's not crazy hi-fi by any means, but at $15, it's not supposed to be.




About Luxa2:

LUXA2- is a Taiwanese based designer and manufacturer of award winning portable accessories. Established in 2009, LUXA2 is committed to creating the best user-experience by consistently designing and innovating each and every product from concept to reality.

LUXA2 believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; and it is with this belief that our product designs are not only simplistic in nature but also incorporates functionality and premium aesthetic appeal at affordable prices. We promote not just products but total solutions.

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First Impressions:

We first saw this unit back at CES 2014 in Las Vegas and were impressed with the simplicity of the idea then and as it matured to be a retail product, we are happy to see that it remained pretty much the same and is a nicely polished product. The bundle included with the GroovyT includes a USB charging cable as well as a short AUX-In cable to connect to devices that don't have a speaker. Also included with the GroovyT is a simple manual that basically tells you to charge it and put your phone on top of the device.



The GroovyT "possesses supernatural powers that can amaze and leave you in audio awe". That, at least is what the marketing department for Luxa2 claims. The reality is a little bit different. While the setup and connecting the device to your phone is simple, the audio quality can be a little off. There is an Android App that helps you tune your phone so that the sound is much better than your stock music player may produce. For the GroovyT, this App is basically an equalizer that will let you turn down your bass if you need to in order to balance the sound and prevent distortion.

The GroovyT works by way of magnifying vibrations from the speakers of your device and playing them out through the speaker. It's very simple and it works quite well.

On the next page, we'll take a quick look at the specifications of this device and then share our thoughts.