Android App Pick - Pacman Dash


Application: Pacman Dash

The long weekend is over for some, but my long weekend is continuing on for this week! Instead of all the running around that usually makes up my week, this time around I can do a bunch of running around virtually. Pacman doesn't just run around in his grid chomping and running from ghosts, hes’ broke out of the walls and is running free! Packman Dash is a fast paced game that reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog. In this version instead of Pacman being afraid of ghosts - he is fearless!

Dashing Mission Select Running


Pacman Dash is interesting as you play as pacman himself. If you ever wondered what he eats when he runs around, the answer has been found - it’s cookies. The more you eat, the more time you have to keep going and the faster you can go. Once you reach critical mass - you can use the dash button!

Mission Mode Item Select


Each level has a different mission as you dash from one to another. Sometimes you have to eat ghosts, run a distance, dash a specific number of times or eat a bunch of cookies. You can also have sidekicks to help you along the way. Those and other powerups make Pacman really dash!

Eat all the bits!


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