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Happy Monday! It’s about halfway through the summer up here and it’s dang hot. I was able to take some time off work and I enjoyed the break relaxing and reading some news online - although it seems like one day there is tons, and the next there is nothing. I do enjoy reading tech news online and watching some nifty video clips (yes, other than cute kittens).



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Physically we carry stuff in a bag or in our pockets to take with us, but what about virtual items? The web is a big place and you can’t fit it all on a flash drive. A lot of us use social networks and often you may find stuff that you want to read later, so you can bookmark it in your browser. Sometimes our browser bookmarks get so crowded that it’s hard to find what you bookmarked. I’ve come across a handly little app that helps solves some of these issues - put stuff in your Pocket!

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Pocket is a quick and easy app that lets you save articles or videos you want look at later. You can also share anything in your pocket with other people. You can view these items or sync them to your device so that you can read and watch offline as well. If you’re on the go, or data is too expensive, you should be able to view things in your pocket if you stuffed them in there before you went off the grid.

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Pocket is handy for sites you may use such as Twitter or other websites that don’t have in-app bookmarks. You can archive articles you're finished viewing for a rainy day again and this moves links from your main list to an archive list. Pocket is a quick way to share things with your pocket buddies that have the pocket app. Give pocket a try and let the viewing begin!


Don't lose stuff - keep it in your Pocket!


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