Rosewill Rise Glow Full-Tower Chassis

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Rosewill Rise Glow Full-Tower Chassis
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Product: Rosewill Rise Glow Full-Tower Chassis
Provided By: Rosewill
Price: ~$110 Online at time of publication



Rosewill has really come a long way since they started making and selling computer cases. Back when they first started, their cases felt and more importantly, looked a bit cheap and that turned off all but the most value minded consumers. The truth is, they've always made a decent product, but their fit and finish over the years has constantly improved. Today they have a bunch of different cases for different form factors including Mid-Tower, Mini-Tower, Mini-ITX and Full-Tower cases. Today we are looking at one of their newer Full-Tower cases - the Rise Glow. If you're not a fan of blue LED fans, you can always pick the standard Rise case, but I do like the look of this one.

Rise Box

Rise Inner Box


First Impressions:

The Rosewill Rise Glow is a steel and plastic case that offers a lot of height with a shorter footprint to allow you to use E-ATX motherboards without taking up a ton of floor-space as do some other long-body Full-Tower cases. This gives the case a rather tall appears where it isn't all that tall. It has enough height to hold a couple of power supplies, but it's not overly tall. It should be able to easily fit under any table that you may have in your office or home. 

Side Window


I love the tinted side window on this case. That alone makes it worth some extra point based on appearance right there. It doesn't cost much more to have a tinted window and the ability you gain to hide things inside without being quite so tidy is wonderful. That being said, the case has excellent cable management and it really shouldn't be all that difficult to make sure it looks good inside and out. As you can see in the image below, the case is very square and while the front and top are plastic, it doesn't feature gaudy rounded edges and an alien appearance to try and impress 10-year olds. The case looks very impressive and even a bit professional.


Front and Back

Front and Back


As I mentioned before, the rear of the case shows off that it can hold two power supplies as well as hose ports for an external liquid cooling kit. Also noted on the back is the large fan, and you might just be able to spot the edge of a removable fan filter at the bottom of the case as well.

On the next page we'll take a closer look at the outside of the Rise Glow before we tear off the side panels and take a closer look inside.