ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital USB Gaming Headset - Final Thoughts

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Final Thoughts:

Upon looking back on this newly redesigned Kave XTD, there were major changes from the previous version to the new version which all were very beneficial. First, the audio quality is even better than it was before in the original Kave which I feel comes down to the fact that they built in a 5.1 sound card into the in-line control unit. The sound quality with the default settings I used was superb and only got better when using the equalizer. The directionality of the headset sounds is still amazing and when the movie preset on the in-line control unit is enabled, it really takes home theater to another level. It feels like being in a personal home movie theater. On top of producing excellent quality with this newly building 5.1 sound card, the ability to hook up a 5.1 speaker system was pure genius. This implementation with the ability to switch between speakers and the headset with a push of a button is by far one of the best things a headset manufacture has done.

Physical changes to the headset from the previous version were the ear cup padding, and headband padding, and microphone. The ear cup and head band padding were greatly improved and make it so comfortable that this Kave XTD headset can be worn for days! The microphone is a little more rigid and sturdier than the previous Kave but was able to retain some flexibility which works with the Kave XTD.

The in-line control unit was also redesigned with a new look and some new functionality added in as well. The mic mute was kept while Bluetooth was added in so that calls could be taken and made without having to take the headset off at all. Nice features that were kept the same were the volume control, channel volumes and the movie preset option for an increased theatrical experience.

The people over at ROCCAT definitely upped their game for this headset and it does not disappoint in the least. Everything on this headset is outstanding from the audio quality, to the design quality to the physical quality and even the packaging quality. Normally I would say that about a $160 is a bit pricey for a headset but after testing this baby out it is safe to say, it is well worth the money. For me personally this headset blows all the other competition out of the water.



  • Detachable mic w/mute LED
  • Brand new design for ear cup and head band padding
  • Redesigned in-line control unit w/built in 5.1 sound card and movie preset button
  • Ability to hook up a 5.1 speaker system
  • Bluetooth
  • 5.1 real surround w/ precise directionality
  • Kave XTD Sound Console and all of its amazing features 



  • None


In every way, shape and form the Kave XTD is about as close to perfect as any headset can be. As such it score a 10/10 and is truly an Editor's Choice Gold recipient.


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