Luxa2 GroovyW Blueooth Speaker w/Wireless Charging - Conclusion

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Luxa2 GroovyW Blueooth Speaker w/Wireless Charging
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As we close out our mini rock concert that is the review of the GroovyW from Luxa2 we have a few quick points to mention. We never did a rugged "drop test" on the GroovyW, and we're not going to. Now that is out of the way, I would like to mention that while the GroovyW probably won't survive a fall onto the sidewalk, it does feel like a quality product. It doesn't feel cheap at all and I’m pretty impressed with the overall build quality.

Battery Indicator

This speaker performed well, sounded great and was not "tinny" like some speakers I've used in the past. You generally get what you pay for and the GroovyW performed like it should. Both NFC and Bluetooth connectivity is cool and while I couldn't always get NFC to work like I hoped, Bluetooth was rock solid. I also love the fact that you can charge the speaker or your phone wirelessly! If you're phone is connected to the GroovyW and you get a call, the music will stop play and you can chat though the speaker; much like a Bluetooth headset.

When it comes to price, the GroovyW has an MSRP of $120 currently. This is a great deal for what you get. You get a portable battery with built-in Qi Wireless charging, a speaker that boasts NFC and Bluetooth as well as a few accessories to round out the package. The sound is great and the GroovyW delivers on what they claim. I don't think you can get much better than this for the money. If you want a good portable speaker, make sure you check out the GroovyW. I give it a solid 9/10.


  • Wireless/wired charging
  • Bluetooth
  • Charges your phone by Qi
  • Easy Touch Buttons
  • App for EQ adjustments
  • Nice and portable
  • Good price


  • NFC didn’t always work
  • Can’t charge a dead battery and play wirelessly at the same time
  • Beeps every few seconds when it’s almost done charging




I'd like to thank Luxa2 for sending the GroovyW our way for a review. If you have any question, comments or feedback regarding this review, please be sure to post it in the forum at the link below.