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Tt eSPORTS Verto Headset
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Product: Tt eSPORTS Verto Gaming Headset
Provided By: Thermaltake
Price: $79.99 MSRP at time of publication


Thermaltake is a well-known company among computer enthusiasts and PC gamers alike. They are most noted for their cases, power supplies, coolers and other accessories, but today we delve into the Tt eSPORTS division of the company as we look into their Verto headset. Tt eSPORTS makes a lot of gaming peripherals for the avid gamer.

The Verto boasts an auto adjusting headband and a microphone that has a lot of flexibility. This headset can also fold flat for easy storage! Two great features of this headset are the in-line volume control and the removable cable. The headset includes a Y-cable for separate microphone and headphones as well as just one that handles both so you can plug it into your mobile device. All of the cables come wrapped in a nylon material that I love for durability and quality.


First Look:

First we'll take a peek at the Verto package. At first glance, I noticed the great artwork and classy package backed with matte black and nice red touches. Also displayed on the box are the important features and the company logos. One the box is popped open, I pulled out the headset and found it well fastened to a molded plastic tray that seemed to protect it very well.

In The Bundle

In The Package


Under the headset's plastic coffin I found a small black box adorned with the Verto name in white. Inside this box are the cables and travel case as well as a warranty policy booklet. Once the headset is unfastened, it comes out easy and I gazed on the full beauty that is the Verto Gaming Headset. As is the case with many Tt eSPORTS products, the main color scheme is black with red accents.




Travel Bag


On the front side of the each earpiece you can see a red Thermaltake logo, and once you flip them over, you'll notice that they are lined with soft red velour that adds a very nice contrast. On the left side, there is also a pivoting and flexible microphone.

Right Side

Right Side

Left Side

Left Side


The headband is made of metal and seems to be durable and stylish all at once. The self-adjusting feature has a few round bits with a little bit of silver metal accents and is fasted on both sides for stability.


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