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When I first started out I wasn't sure of what to expect with the Verto headset. At $79.99USD they aren't the highest priced headset on the market and sometimes you get what you pay for. Hopefully the Verto are great value and offer good quality.

When I dropped these on my head, the first thing I noticed was the self-adjusting headband. I didn't have to adjust or tweak anything and I love it! It works and feels great. It's very comfortable and is easy on your head as it doesn't clamp down on your ears. Other headsets I've used feel like they are trying to squeeze my head until juice comes out.


Another feature that works well is the swiveling ear pieces. These allow the Verto to lay flat on a desk. This is a nice feature and is handier that I thought it would be. If you are anything like me, then you've had your headset fall off your desk countless times. This design helps them hug the surface on which they sit and it seems to limit some of the fast trips to the floor made by other headsets.

Inside Earcups Laying Flat


The cables included in the package are nice high quality nylon wrapped. At each end of the volume control box, they are reinforced to prevent wearing off and shortening the life of your headset. The PC cable splits into two end: one for the microphone and the other for the headphones. The cables are nice and long and feature an in-line volume control. This volume control features a mute switch so you can mute the microphone when you're having issues in a match and don’t want everyone to hear you rage.

Cable Ends

PC Cable

Volume Control

Volume Control


When I first saw that the cable was removable I had my doubts as to its merits. So far it has proven itself handy as it has saved stress on wires when I trip over the wire and jerk the headset to the ground. The cable unplugs instead of getting pulled on hard and it should prolong the life of the cable. Thermaltake included a cable with a single end and no volume control to use with your favorite mobile device. This comes in handy, but unfortunately the cable is not very long. While you won’t always need a long cable for your phone, it comes in just a little short in my opinion.

When it comes to comfort, the Verto does pretty well on my large head. After a few hours though, I did notice that my ears were a bit sore. It wasn't too bad and it paled in comparison to other headsets that I've used. For most users, these should be very comfortable as the ear cups are pretty large and are very roomy. The cushions are nice and soft and have a nice feel and look like leather.

The big question for any audio product is always audio quality and I have been very pleased with the sound quality coming from the Verto - especially when consider the price point. I listened to a lot of metal and played some games with this headset and I have to say they did pretty well. When listening into your favorite band, the sound is nice and clear. I really appreciated the good dynamic range as you can hear individual rifts and each part of the music, although I would have like to hear a bit more bass. While I found the bass mildly lacking, it wouldn't be a factor that would affect my purchase.
When it comes to gaming, you can hear the direction of enemy fire well enough to home in on your enemy's location with precision. The stereo separate is done well so you can hear their footfalls and turn the proper direction so they don't catch you too unaware. When firing on your foes in your favorite FPS game, you'll be able to detect the sound of spent casings hit the dirt as you lace the air with lead.

I'm very impressed with the microphone. It records voices clearly and seems to be very durable - as does the rest of the headset. It pivots to hide away when you are not using it and is flexible so it can withstand the adjustments and use of a hardened gamer. At first I thought it looked a bit frail but after dropping it on multiple occasions I have come to the conclusion that it's actually pretty solid.



What it really comes down to is this: you won't find many headsets that offer this performance, quality, functionality and durability for roughly $80. With the care given to design and quality, you really can't go wrong. Sure, the bass is a bit lacking and the mobile cable isn't long enough for a person over 6-feet tall, but in the end those are only small issues and won't affect most people's experience.

I know I am happy with the Verto and will likely be using these as my main PC headset for a long time yet.


  • Removable Cables
  • Clear Sound 
  • Comfortable Design 
  • Price 
  • Appearance 



  • Mobile Cable Length
  • Bass Slightly Lacking 


The Verto tries hard, but in the end I can't award them more than 8/10. This reflects a couple of shortcomings but also the good value on this Thermaltake product. If you have any comments, questions, thoughts and feedback regarding this review, please post in the forum at the link below.