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Application: Device Info Live Wallpaper

It is fall and the leaves are turning color here in Canada. Not only is winter sneaking up on us, so is three full years of Android App Pick of the Week! Today we are all about Live Wallpapers and I’m sure that everyone has their own favorite wallpapers that show off their personality. Today’s wallpaper is very nerdy and absolutely awesome. Check out Device Info Live Wallpaper. This is the coolest thing ever! It actually works and shows off what your phone is up to.

Device Info - Wallpaper


Device Info Lock Screen

Lock Screen


As with any other live wallpaper, this one runs in the background no matter what home screen you are viewing. It shows up on your lock screen as well as your main desktop and it shows how much batter you have left, RAM usage, CPU info, storage space free, compass, accelerometer details and more. You’ll probably want to move some icons around on your screen so you can see all the cool information this displays. It’s interesting to see that CPU usage climbs dramatically when you take screenshots and using other apps! It’s super cool!

Check it out!


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