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NZXT Kraken X31:

The second cooler on our bench is the entry-level Kraken X31 from NZXT. NZXT has marketed a few liquid cooling systems in the past years and the Kraken X31 is their new low-end cooler. It is based on and built by Asetek, so it has a lot of good quality components including a variable speed pump, wide compatibility with a ton of cases and NZXTs CAM software that works to control and monitor your PCs cooling system - both locally and via an iOS App (Android coming soon).

Kraken X31 Box
Kraken X31 Box

Kraken X31
Kraken X31 Bundle


As you can see above, this 120mm cooler comes with a basic kit of everything you need to install it on your favorite AMD or Intel system. NZXT includes support for the latest Intel CPUs as well as backwards compatibility for 1366, 1155 and more. On the AMD side of things, this will work on everything from AM2 and newer - both APU and CPU systems.

X31 Profile

X31 Profile


The X31, although entry-level has nice long tubing that will allow it to work in most cases on either the CPU or even a graphics card with a bracket available from NZXT. It's not often that the entry-level cooler gets the same fans, tubing and installation hardware as the more pricey options. While this cooler isn't extra fancy - and it doesn't have any extras, it still is a decent value and we'll find out how the performance stacks up shortly.

Kraken X31 Installed

Kraken X31 Installed


If you want to check out all of the features and specifications of this cooler, please be sure to check the product page here.

Next up, the NZXT Kraken X41 Liquid Cooling System.