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NZXT Kraken X41:

The next cooler in the lineup is the NZXT Kraken X41. This cooler is based on a 140mm fan and radiator and offers 36% more surface area when compared to a 120mm radiator. NZXT has also made this radiator a bit thicker than the X31 and so you should gain even more cooling prowess through this extra area as well. Again, this is an Asetek cooler but with a few extra NZXT flares including an LED color adjustable water block cover that ups the feature set when compared to the X31. Much like it's smaller sibling, the X41 also integrates with the CAM software allowing you to monitor and control the cooler from your PC or remotely via an App.


Kraken X41 Box


The gear is packed pretty well in this box and you get a single 140mm Nano Bearing fan that can move a over 100CFM of air at a mere 37db. Also included is the same mounting hardware for AMD and Intel CPUs and switching these coolers out is a breeze. There are enough screws in this package to mount a second 140mm fan if you want to do a push-pull configuration to squeeze out every last bit of performance from this cooler.

X41 Bundle

Kraken X41 Bundle

Kraken X41 Profile

Kraken X41 Profile


The X41 has the same type and length of tubing as the smaller X31 and it offers a performance upgrade at the cost of some compatibility. Not every case supports these larger 140mm fans, but if you have one, you should consider at least one of these larger coolers. The advantage of course is that you can get cooler temperatures with similar noise or even the same temperatures with much less noise. Liquid cooling is not always for the overclocking tweaker - it is a great tool for those that need very quiet cooling.

Kraken X41 Installed

Kraken X41 Installed


If you want to check out all of the features and specifications of this cooler, please be sure to check the product page here.

Next up, the NZXT Kraken X61 Liquid Cooling System.