AZZA XT 1W Full Tower Case

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AZZA XT 1W Full Tower Case
Build Quality and Final Thoughts

Product: AZZA XT 1W Full-Tower Case
Provided By: AZZA
Price: ~$110 at time of publication



Today on the bench we have the AZZA XT 1 case, and I’ve got to say, this case has got me wanting to do a Star Wars build! Will the case stand tall like an AT-AT, or crash and burn like a speederbike driven by a storm trooper in on forest moon of Endor? Stick around to find out!

Founded in 1996, AZZA launched its business as a motherboard manufacturer for the PC industry. Jump-started in 2004 with the technology to build PC cases, AZZA expanded its business scope into the gaming industry and manufactured various OEM products including computer cases and power supplies for XION. In 2009, the Company restructured to establish its own label and began distributing products under AZZA’s very own trademark. Gaming needs is at the heart of its offering.


First Impressions:

This is a big case.  No matter what components you have chosen, they will fit inside, with lots of room for cable or hose management. When you look at it, you can easily picture this case as the stand out piece in a pristine work space. With all the dark colored cases on the market, it is refreshing to see a white and blue theme from the XT 1.



Design & Aesthetics:

The XT 1 is a good looking case that seems like it would be at home in the star wars universe with its sharp edges and a white and blue color scheme. The black grating on the fins and 5 inch drive bays looks sharp and gives the case an industrial feel. 

Side Profile



There are four 5-inch optical drive bays, six 3.5-inch HDD bays, and one conversion kit included in the accessories to mount a 2.5-inch SSD. The optical bays are set up with tool-less install devices that just require a quick twist to release or lock down your drive. The HDD bays are all quick release and tool-less as well. 

With a total of four rubber grommets on the back of the case (two 1-inch openings and two ½-inch openings), you are able to run pretty much any kind of water cooling setup your heart desires. 

Rear of XT1


The XT 1 comes stock with four fans; a 120mm side intake fan directed towards your video card, a 140mm exhaust fan on the back of the case mounted at CPU level, a 140mm intake fan in front of the hard drive bays, and finally a 230mm behemoth of an exhaust fan mounted on the top of the case to keep air flowing. There are also mounting options for a radiator or two 120mm case fans in place of the 230mm fan on the top of the case.

Top Power Button


The power button is large and loosely mimics an Autobot logo from Transformers. There are four front USB ports on the case; two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0, as well as microphone and headset jacks.

On the next page, we'll quickly cover the build quality, functionality and wrap up with our final thoughts.