Genius Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse - Installation, Testing and More

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Genius Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse
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Installation, Testing and More


Installation was a snap for the Genius Gila. All I had to do was plug it in and install the driver. Once installed it was a matter of configuring everything to my preference. 



I definitely tested the performance aspect of the Genius. I used this for close to three months rigorously putting it through its paces. I play a few different games, graphic editing, and 3D modeling and I found the Gila performed well. I definitely made use of the macro functions for a new space SIM I've been playing. There were some complicated flight procedures I was able to program in that made routine functions a snap.

Three months of mercilessly pounding this mouse with ARMA 3 has definitely put the Gila to the test. It relies heavily on multiple mouse functions with keyboard modifiers and the Gila doesn’t even bat an eye.

Genius Gila Profile



All being said, the Genius Gila performed well. It really shines when it comes to functionality. The Gila looks good and performed flawlessly regardless of how rigorously I used it.

It is a great mouse and I would recommend it to anyone enjoys having a lot of functionality right at their fingertips. At ~82$ (from TigerDirect) this would be a decent buy. Solid gaming mice like the Gila, rarely sells for much less. 



  • Profiles allow up to 72 custom key assignments
  • Nice looks
  • Solid ergonomic design
  • Many sensitivity options



  • None


I'd like to thank Genius for sending this mouse our way to review. Although they don't have the brand recognition of other companies, the truth is that this is a very solid mouse that is capable of long hours and months of gaming. Take a look and see why we gave it our Gold award.


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