Genius Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse

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Genius Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse
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Product: Genius Gila MMO/RTS Professional Gaming Mouse
Provided By: Genius
Price: ~$82.99 Online at time of publication



Today I have a great item from Genius to take a look at. I will be checking out the Genius Gila mouse. These guys have been around since 1983 and company growth has seemed steady over the years. I was fortunate to meet up with the Genius team at CES 2014 and these guys were really excited about the new products being developed. I've only heard positive feedback about their products thus far. Never having experienced any Genius products, I'm pretty excited to test the Gila out today. I'll be expecting some serious performance from Genius. You can check out all their products on their website here.

The Genius Gila is a performance gaming mouse with a lot of features. The sensitivity ranges from 200-8200 DPI.  The Gila boasts macro settings for up to 72 keys with the advanced settings. Genius also uses the Scorpion interface for all button assignments, profiles, sensitivity adjustments, and custom LED lighting.

In the next section we'll get right into the Genius Gila with some show and tell. 

Genius Gila Box


Closer Look:

The Gila comes packaged, as most mice do, in a color-graphic printed box that contains a plastic clamshell for added protection.  Detailed specs are also present to let you know exactly what you are getting. 

Gila Side 1 Gila Side 2


As you can see, the Gila has some nice looks. It is a fair amount smaller than other mice I've used in the past, but I was able to adjust to the size difference within a couple minutes using it.

It has 12 buttons including the scroll wheel click. This is easily expanded to 72 assignable functions through 6 different profiles. This is really great if you play a few different games or use a variety of programs. 


Gila Front Gila Top


I found the weight system pretty nice.  I like how the weights, when installed, were located where your palm goes.  It seems to add better control whether it is for browsing, graphics editing, or just shooting it up in a game. Genius gives you 27g in 4.5g increments, to adjust the weight to ones liking.

Weight Box Weights In Box Weights


The cable that connects the Gila is braided, and has a gold-plated USB connector. The cable is also 1.8m, giving you ample length for routing around tricky systems. 

Braided Cable


On the next page we’ll take a look at the software features of the Genius Gila as we continue.