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Application: QuickPic

Time for Candy! That’s right, lollipop is on my devices! I love it on my Nexus 5 but it’s a bit sluggish with the OTA on my Nexus 7 (2012). I could always to do a fresh install but then I’d lose all my game data that I worked so hard on! One thing that Lollipop does, is remove the stock gallery and it just uses Google Photos. I miss that gallery. Although the gallery app is gone, your photos aren’t so all you need to do is grab a great gallery app! QuickPic is a great gallery that I’m happy to use to view my pictures, downloaded images, memes that I’ve made and more – just like the original gallery.

QuickPic Gallery


Although it’s a great replacement if you just got Lollipop, this gallery is slightly different and has a few extras over the original Android gallery and it’s worth looking at if you are running an older version of Google’s OS as well. You can look for pictures by date, change your layout to view your albums in a grid or a list. It’s also easier to move pictures around to share and upload to Dropbox, social networks and more.



Also included is the ability to crop and edit your photos before sending them on their way to friends and the web. A good quality gallery app is always important to every user! Save your memories before they are gone!

Savor the moment!


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