iLuv TimeShaker Micro Radio / Pillow Shaker - Specs, Testing and More

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iLuv TimeShaker Micro Radio / Pillow Shaker
Specs, Testing and More


  • Unique, patent pending shaker vibrates to wake up even the deepest sleepers
  • Stream music wirelessly from your mobile device via Bluetooth®
  • Stereo speakers bring full, rich sound to your music
  • Jumbo, easy-to-read positive LCD display
  • Multiple alarm options: music, radio, buzzer, bed shaker
  • Auxiliary line input for any audio devices with 3.5mm jack
  • Enjoy your favorite radio stations with the FM radio function
  • USB charging port to charge your Apple or Android device



Testing was pretty easy for the TimeShaker Micro. I like to stream a lot of music on my phone so this fit right into my daily routine. I was able to use Bluetooth to connect my phone music right to the TimeShaker Micro in the morning when I was getting ready for work. The speakers had a really good sound for such a small unit.

I found the sound alarm very effective and would get quite loud for the heavy sleepers that don’t wake up for anything. This one will wake you up. I also found the shaker function of the alarm good if I had to get up earlier than anyone else and didn’t want to bother them with my alarm. Having a USB charger was handy. I didn’t have to worry about having an outlet for my phone charger since I could just plug it into the TimeShaker Micro. If some of my previous reviews are an indication, I love products that can perform double duty. 



In conclusion, I found that the iLuv TimeShaker Micro to be a solid product. It has a great design that is easy to use.  It has a good sound for a small unit. It performs well on all fronts and has a lot of options for alarm settings. 

At ~50$ from the official iLuv site I think this is a decent buy. You can probably find a cheaper alarm but most likely not with all the functions the iLuv boasts. I would definitely recommend the TimeShaker Micro for people that need a quiet alarm or someone that needs their alarm to hit on multiple fronts to wake you up.


  • Good sound
  • Lots of alarm option
  • Silent shaker when a quiet alarm is needed
  • USB Charger option allowing double duty
  • Bluetooth & Aux in
  • None



I'd like to thank iLuv for sending this for us to review. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post in our forum at the link below.