iLuv TimeShaker Micro Radio / Pillow Shaker

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iLuv TimeShaker Micro Radio / Pillow Shaker
Specs, Testing and More

Product: iLuv TimeShaker Micro
Provided By: iLuv
Price: $49.99 MSRP at time of publication


Today, I have a product on my test bench that is a first for me. I'll be taking a look at an alarm clock/radio produced by iLuv. iLuv is an electronics company that gears its products to the mobile life. Debuting in 2006, iLuv has boasted many awards and accolades over its short history. I find this to be really reassuring because a company that is doing this well out of the gate has a promising future. You can see all their products here.

I'll be taking a closer look at iLuv TimeShaker Micro. This little alarm clock has a lot of features packed into a small package. This will be my first time reviewing an iLuv product, and I am definitely looking forward to it.


First Look:

The iLuv TimeShaker Micro came packaged in a stylishly-printed outer box that contained sturdy cardboard supports for shipping protection. The TimeShaker Micro was wrapped in a modest foam cover to keep particulates out. I personally feel that a company's packaging says a lot about their products and the company as a whole. 



The TimeShaker Micro comes with a power cord, AM/FM antenna, and the silent shake unit for the alarm. It has a really nice look and size to it. It seems to fit about anywhere in my place no matter how tight the spot. The TimeShaker Micro has an auxiliary in for hardwiring an mp3 player or any device that has a headphone out jack. There is a USB charging port to make charging a phone or other device more convenient. 




There is also an output for the shaker itself. When I tested it out it was about the same intensity of a cell phone vibrate function. I found it to be quite effective when placed under a pillow. It was enough to wake me up without causing a racket and waking everyone up. 

On the next page, we’ll quickly look at features of this product and then see if it can get me out of bed.