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Application: Sugar, Sugar

Sugar, sugar! Oh, honey, honey. You are my candy app and you got me playing you! When I first grabbed this app, that song popped into my mind - as it may have with you as well. This game may look plain or simple, but it simply gets much harder as you complete levels. This game sounds fitting for Android 5.0 Lollipop - after all, its colorful sugar and on a stick! Download Sugar, Sugar and make your sweet tooth happy and your mind puzzled with this game.

Sugar, Sugar Sugar, Sugar


The first level is super easy, but when you go on some levels can stump you. The idea of the game is to get the sugar in the cup. Some cups have a certain amounts of sugar that they need and some just need a little bit. By drawing paths to the right cup you can fill it up. Some levels will require you to fill certain cups with colored sugar, and sometimes you have to balance both in the same cup. Draw the right lines to convert the color in the converter. Do whatever it takes to get that cup filled before the sugar runs out!

Sugar, Sugar Sugar, Sugar


A cup full of sugar makes the medicine go down!


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