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Application: Twisty Hollow

Twisty Hollow


We are back at the drawing board with App Pick. This week we are taking a look at a game that is fast paced. It took me a little bit to grasp the idea and learn how to play effectively. Twisty Hollow gives us a spin around the town and you have to perform different jobs of the villagers in order to meet the needs of the people and to make them happy. This game is a bit like Hay Day in terms of filling orders.

Twisty Hollow


To play the game, you go through each level and stage filling orders for the villagers. The game controls are simple and you turn parts of the circle like a turntable to match the appropriate items with the right person to fill the villager’s orders. Some want diamonds and in order to fill this order, you have to turn the minor to line up with the pickaxe and a rock – tap the wheel and you get diamonds! It’s similar if someone wants sushi or fish. 

Twisty Hollow


As you progress through the game it gets much harder. Some levels are timed and others have parts of the wheel locked so you have to be creative in solving the puzzle to get the items to line up as needed. If you make the customer wait too long, they will go up in flames! Complete the order and gather enough coins to move on to the next level.

Spin Away!


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