Android App Pick - ROCCAT Power-Grid

Application: ROCCAT Power-Grid

At this moment, it’s about 10 days until Christmas and don’t worry; I’m not going to start singing - we still want you to come back and check out more Apps! There are a lot of interesting Apps you could suggest to your friends, family and fellow gamers this Christmas and I’m picking the ROCCAT Power Grid as my gift to you! We’ve reviewed a lot of ROCCAT hardware and today we are taking a look at a nifty little Android App that plugs into your phone and connects it to your PC in an amazing way. If you know someone who still is stuck on the Apple platform, this App is available for iPhones as well. 

Connect Volume System Stats


The ROCCAT Power Grid is a really interesting concept for an app once you figure out that you need to allow it through your Windows Firewall. You will need two parts – one for your PC and the other for your mobile device. Once you turn on your WiFi and connect to the same network, you’ll be good to go! In addition to a great overview of your PC system resources, there is a ton of customization available as well. You can even download grids for different games and applications and every grid that I found was 100% free!

LightFX Photoshop LoL


You can manage volume levels, in-game communication, your task manager and even shortcuts for different programs such as Photoshop and more! You can even set up social features so that your phone will “ping” and you can chat with your friends while you wait to respawn. When setting things up, don’t forget to save your changes!


Keep calm and grid on!


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