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We about ready to wrap up the year in Apps and we’ve got a great game for you to play while you’re on the road (not driving!) over the holidays. SolForge is our game and this game is a great twist on a classic card trading game. The game was built by the creators of Ascension and Magic: The Gathering. They know how to build a great adventure game and after being invited by @Kitty_M to play, I’ve been hooked. 

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You play cards in five rows against your opponent and the main cards have attack and defense points. Obviously you want to play a card with a higher attack than the opponent’s defense. Each turn the numbers are subtracted until a card reaches zero and then it is discarded. There are special cards in the deck (that you can customize) that allow you to remove a player’s card, damage an opponent or even boost your own attack or defense. 

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While the main premise of the game is simple, playing well takes a lot of strategy, cunning, deck building and practice. It’s a fantastic game and you can play in on Steam with your friends or on your favorite Android device. Take a look and you’ll see why this is perhaps my own personal favorite App of 2014!

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