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App Pick of the Week is now back after the Christmas break and from all of us here at BCCHardware, we sure hope you had a great Christmas and got spoiled. I had a nice Christmas and even scored some gifts that use Apps! I enjoyed some Google Cardboard and enjoyed demo’ing VR. Along with Cardboard, chocolate was a big highlight for me! I was able to snack as I checked email with Inbox. If your week is busy with events such as CES, I’m sure you’re flooded with emails. Inbox will help organize and tame your email beast.

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Google Inbox works like most email clients and it is a lot like Gmail – on smart pills. It’s an inbox just designed for your phone or tablet with a great touch interface. It also is available at as well. Currently it’s invite or sign-up only, but sign-ups are processed fairly quickly. The inbox app is a lot different and can take some time to get used to as it groups and organizes your emails and allows you to "snooze" emails, mark them as done and get reminders from them.


It keeps your social emails in a group from your promotions and primary emails. The way it stacks emails, updates, social, promos, work, travel and more make it really easy to grab the emails that matter most and ignore all the Facebook and Google+ updates until you have more time. Check it out and enjoy your inbox!

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