Raumfeld - Pepcom @ CES 2015

Streaming audio has become a very hot product in the past couple years thanks to the popularity surge of companies like Sonos. The ability to stream audio throughout your house easily is something that many companies have attempted, yet few have actually been able to pull off without some major drawbacks.



Raumfeld is based in Germany and as soon as we walked by their display it was very evident that they didn't just want to make speakers that sound good, they wanted speakers that looked like they belonged even in the trendiest living rooms. 

Stereo M


Raumfeld has a wide range of products that range from 50 watts all the way up to 400 watts which should offer a solution for any room in your house. In addition to their speaker lineup (which can steam audio through Ethernet) they've also got a connector device that will allow you to use the Raumfeld streaming software to stream audio to devices and speakers that you already have in your home.

We were unfortunately unable to get a proper demo of the speakers for audio quality due to the fact that there was 1,000 people in a big convention hall, but audio quality is the main selling feature for Raumfeld and I'd wager money that they sound amazing. Raumfeld offers the option to steam lossless audio files for true high fidelity sound.


Another cool feature from Raumfeld is the fact that their Raumfeld App (available on Android and iOS) is an open platform and won't lock you into any one streaming service and at the moment are partnered with Spotify, Tidal, Wimp, Tunein, Rhapsody, Napster, and simfy (just to name a few). Most other audio streaming devices don't give you that kind of freedom.

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