Dynamics / CIBC / Tim Hortons Payment System

Pepcom, much like CES, gives us the opportunity to see new products that might not necessarily be in our normal categories that we cover here at BCCHardware. One such product that we were able to see firsthand at Pepcom was some new credit card technologies from a company called Dynamics. Credit card technology might not be the most exciting, but the products that Dynamics were showing off are pretty cool and I'd bet money you'll probably see them in the future being offered by more and more financial institutions.

Basically Dynamics has built a computer into their cards that with the push of a button on the card can reprogram the magnetic stripe and allow the card to function in different ways. In Canada, Tim Hortons has used this technology to allow people to use it as a gift card when one button is pushed or as a credit card if the other button is pushed. We have a quick interview with the CEO of Dynamics showing off this very cool technology.

More information on the CIBC / Tim Hortons Payment system can be found here.

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