Perfect Bake @ Pepcom

In the afternoon of day one we took a trip over to the pepcom event which maybe didn't have the best theme using the 80s time period but all the modern food was really good. That aside, there were some really awesome items on display today. One product that can help those not so great bakers out there (Benjamin Heide) is the Perfect Bake, The scale is integrated with a tablet app and three different size bowls that can be auto 'tared' when put on the scale. To start, one selects a recipe to use; after that the app will tell you how much weight of a specific ingredient you need to put into the bowl on the scale. If you have too little or too much of the specified ingredient the app will let you know and inform you that something has to be added or subtracted. Once all the ingredients are measured and mixed, the app will then let you know how long the item has to be baked and at what temp.  

Perfect Bake

With following these instuctions the end product should turn out perfectly, though I feel there are too many variables to fully achieve this everytime. The other product that is from the same creators but would probably be just about perfect every time, is the Perfect drink. Unfortunately ( or maybe fortunately) the Perfect drink was no on display or demonstrated at pepcom but uses the same technology and app integration as the Perfect bake. In my opinion I feel the Perfect Drink will be the more successful of the two. 


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