YotaPhone 2 @ Showstoppers - CES 2015

A product we've talked about on Weekly Tech Update a couple times before is the mysterious YotaPhone 2, a smartphone on one side and an e-ink display on the other side. The original YotaPhone got extra marks for creativity thanks to the unique feature and now the YotaPhone 2 picks up where the original left off.

YotaPhone 2


Today was the first time I had the chance to actually see one live and in person at CES Showstoppers and overall I was pleasantly surprised at the overall build quality and functionality (especially since YotaPhone is a new name in the smartphone market). The e-ink side of the phone is surprisingly useful and if you were to only use the e-ink side you'd be able to make it almost 6 days without charging the battery. Of course the beauty of the YotaPhone 2 is the fact that if you have options, but I have a funny feeling that people will probably be using the e-ink side more than you might think which will extend the time between charges.


The biggest drawback currently for the YotaPhone 2 is the price tag (MSRP ~$700 USD) which makes it a "premium" product and the fact that no cell phone companies are signed on doesn't allow North American customers to pick up one of these phones on a 2 year contract at a much lower price. YotaPhone is currently working with North American carriers to try and get their phones to be carriers by the cell phone providers but we will have to wait and see if or when that happens.

YotaPhone 2 - Front / Back


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