ADATA at CES 2015

We stopped in for a quick look at what ADATA has to offer and this year they are investing more energy into their DDR4 platform including memory speeds of DDR4-3200. They have plans to go faster as the year progresses and DDR4 matures, but for now, that is some pretty darn fast RAM.
On the SSD front they are maintaining their product line and have a few new SSDs for consumers coming down the line. They have a couple of different 1TB drives that are priced around the $400-$500 range making them very competitive. 
One SSD-tech they were showcasing on their enterprise drives is the power-loss-without-data-corruption feature. While the current plan and price of implementation makes this a enterprise-only feature at the moment, I can't help but think this could be the "killer app" that could push people to ADATA if they could bring this to their consumer drives.

Power Loss Demo @ ADATA


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