Lian Li at CES 2015

We had the chance to check out Lian Li's new product lineup here at CES 2015 which includes a bunch of new cases that they are very excited about. One of these new cases from Lian Li is their PC-07S case which looks more like a piece of art than a computer case. The PC-07S can also be wall mounted if you want or can sit vertically. The attention to detail on this case is amazing and will allow you to build a PC that is very unique so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. The PC-07S is large enough for an eATX motherboard with additional models (PC-06S, PC-05S, and PC-05) which are smaller if you would prefer to go with a micro or mini ATX board instead. The PC-07S case will be available in February of 2015.


The other product that had people crowded around it was the new aluminum computer desk from Lian Li, the DK-02. The DK-02 is pretty much the ultimate computer desk and allows you to put 2 systems inside the desk in addition to 17 hard drives if you want. Once again, much like the PC-07S case, trying to use words to describe the DK-02 isn't an easy task so once again I will let the pictures do the talking.

Lian Li

In addition to the PC-07S and DK-02, Lian Li has a whole bunch of other cases that they are adding in 2015 which include some new sleek HTPC cases that support micro and mini ATX boards all the way up the the PC-D666 which will allow you to install two systems in the same case.

Lian Li


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