Razer OSVR at CES 2015

We got a chance to look at one of the major items Razer was presenting at this years CES, the OSVR Hacker Dev kit. The initial setup was a little time consuming as the lenses on the inside had to be adjusted to the type of vision I have, (nearsighted) and after that they had to either be pushed left or right and backwards or forwards so that the images being displayed are seen properly. Once the headset was put on and properly adjusted, I was able to see the imagery, and layout. Based on what i was looking at and hearing, I felt like I was standing inside a game.


I could see the forest background though I could not move forward or backward but I could look from side to side or even look far to one side or the other. With the movement of the Skulls that were slowly moving toward me in a circular pattern, I could get a sense of depth. In this specific game that was being used, with holding out my hands, the left was given a water element and the right was given a fire element. The Skulls were also using the same elements and as a one got close, the opposite element had to be used to destroy them. I was only able to experience two rounds of the game before the timer ran out but it was still a cool experience.



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